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COVID-19 Update

Updated: May 23, 2020

UPDATE - 20 May 2020

RealFITT will reopen for trade on June 2 2020. Please check the COVID19 Info on the homepage for all the information regarding the reopening of the gym.

UPDATE - 30 March 2020

RealFITT has made the decision to end all face to face training and replace it with either online programming or Virtual Personal Training via Zoom. Please get in contact with your coach for more information.

UPDATE - 29 March 2020

The Government has updated the rules around Personal Training and Small Groups. There is now only allowed to be a maximum of two people. The trainer and the client. This means we will no longer be able to perform Small Group Sessions.

UPDATE - 24 March 2020

The Government has confirmed that outdoor Personal Training and Small Groups of up to 10 are allowed to continue so long as social distancing practices are adhered to.

UPDATE - 22 March 2020

RealFITT has closed its doors as per the Government directive this evening. We will be in touch shortly with options for continuing your training.

Thank you for all the kind messages of support:)

RealFITT is extremely serious about doing our part to control the spread of COVID-19. The safety of our community, which encompasses our staff, members, family, friends and visitors is of upmost importance.

RealFITT is taking the following measures to ensure your safety:

  • Full clean of all areas of the gym (in progress)

  • Daily disinfecting of the gym

  • All Staff have completed or are completing the COVID-19 online training

  • Mandatory hand washing upon entering the gym

  • Cleaning of all bars, Kettlebells, DBs, Balls etc after each session

To help keep RealFITT a safe and enjoyable training environment we ask that you please follow these guidelines when you come in to train:

  • If you have experienced flu like symptoms or respiratory issues please refrain from entering the facility until cleared by a medical professional

  • Wash and dry your hands upon entering the facility

  • Clean down all bars, benches, KBs, DBs and other training equipment with provided disinfectant immediately after use

  • Use a clean gym towel

  • Maintain a reasonable distance from other gym goers (1.5m is recommended) where practical

Update on upcoming events:

ACT State Powerlifting Titles

Sat May 31st


*APU to advise on the status of all competitions. Please email for any enquiries.

We sincerely appreciate your support during this unprecedented period. We are grateful for the wonderful community here at RealFITT and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe, healthy and happy during this time,

Much Love

Your Friends at RealFITT Strength and Conditioning


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