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Steve Kent, Australian Baseball & Melbourne Aces

RealFITT gym has been a game-changer for myself and my son, Brayden. As an athlete in my mid-30s, I was feeling the effects of aging on my performance and contemplating retirement. But since training with Ben, I feel better than ever and confident I can extend my career for years to come.

Brayden, who's just starting out his journey as an athlete, has seen incredible progress in strength, power, and athleticism thanks to RealFITT's Athlete Development Program. Ben's programming and strategic progressions have been key in keeping him safe while pushing his limits.

What sets RealFITT apart from other gyms is the community vibe. It's a place where everyone supports each other and we’re both grateful for the positive impact it's had on our lives.

Chris Cairns, New Zealand Cricket

In August of 2021 I suffered an Aortic Dissection. There were further complications including a spinal stroke which confined me to a wheelchair meaning there were now many new challenges in my life.


I started with traditional stroke based rehab but in November 2022, I was introduced to RealFITT as I sought a more strength based program.


I was apprehensive returning to a normal gym as my normal was now so different from what I used to know. In reality, I could not have been more welcomed and this was not only by the staff at RealFITT, but by everyone who was there to work out.


Fitness is its own kind of medicine and I felt at ease in the gym instantly in so many ways. My program has been set by Joe Matthews (but with help always on hand from Al or Ben!) and I have made tremendous gains in my strength. The support via the True Coach App means Joe is forever looking over my shoulder as I push myself in each workout. He is also able to provide invaluable feedback to me whether he’s in the gym or not through the online capability.


Over the last 18 months, I would describe the RealFITT gym and team, as an extension of my family. To get true gains from training means turning up every day and this gym is a place where I want to be, not have to be.

Veronica Kerr, Super Mum! 

I’ve been training with Abeer and the RealFITT team for several years and can’t imagine training anywhere else. They have supported me before, during and after pregnancy with customised programs that suit my goals, abilities and fit my busy schedule.RealFITT is a really fun and friendly place to train. The RealFITT community has been very warm and welcoming to my children who I sometimes bring to my sessions. The gym is one of their favourite places to go and it’s so nice to see them be part of the RealFITT community.

Cass Pickard, Powerlifter

For over a decade, I have had the privilege of calling Joe Matthews from RealFITT Strength and Conditioning, coach, mentor, friend. Training me remotely, he took an overweight, self-conscious, middle-aged woman and made me into an athlete without me even realising it!

In a nutshell RealFITT Strength and conditioning is an inclusive community of solution based, good people. Joe Matthews and his amazing Coaches are an incredibly knowledgeable, very approachable team who are always striving  for progress.

I love our RealFITT family, and I can’t wait to see what the next decade of training with Joe looks like!

David Learmonth

When I came to RealFITT, I was heavily overweight and suffering the effects of

various injuries over previous years, including a shoulder reconstruction. Physically

and mentally, I was in poor shape.

About 15 months later, I’ve lost 32kg and have regained strength, mobility and

fitness. At 60 years of age, I’m stronger than I was at 45 and nearly as fit. In

another 12 months, I’ll be fitter and stronger again.

Personal discipline and mindset is of course essential. But there is no way on earth I

could have come this far without the RealFITT team. They brought expertise in rehab

and “prehab” to get me moving again after injuries. They brought expertise in

weightlifting and conditioning to ensure I was building good technique as well as

muscle, so I didn’t injure myself again. They evolved my program as I built strength,

and provided a real sense of achievement and practical results.

At least as important was the culture of excellence and the integrity they bring to

bear in your training. There is no gain without personal discipline, but the culture

and leadership from Joe and the team create a strong incentive to maintain that

discipline, stay on track and keep improving. They are genuinely concerned about

the people they train and want to see results at least as much as you do.

I’ve been in and out of gyms for 40 years. If you’re serious about training, and there

for the long haul, there’s no better place.

Steve Babic 

After enduring a spinal injury and having no direction on how to get back to some normality, and being blessed i got to meet joe and the team at RealFITT, they put together a program, that got stripped back to the beginning and got me doing the techniques and understanding the importance of strength training, and mental strength strategies, did it happen over night no defiantly not, but with there on going support love and expertise they got me back in my best physical shape and being in my my 40's, now also lifting my heaviest with proper form and with purpose, to be honest I owe them more than just a thank you and a testimonial I owe them apart of my success and love thank you team on getting me back to my mental and physical best. Love you guys for life

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