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Nutrition Tips for Dealing with COVID

Hi Guys,

Below is an article posted by out Nutritionist - Jason Williams on our members Facebook group. There are some great ideas for how to deal with what is going on right now:)

Like most people, we are seeing an uncertain future every day and it’s likely you are stuck inside lately (or will be soon) with the children. Statistics show that if you’re like most people, you might turn to seeking assurance and comfort from the fridge. Food is one of the most immediate and convenient ways to make ourselves feel comfort in any stressful event and while enjoying ourselves is a good thing, studies do show that eating lots of food with minimal nutrition can cause our mood to worsen, and our immune systems to weaken when it’s even more important to stay positive and healthy.

Seeking comfort in the fridge can make us feel better through the release of releasing dopamine and serotonin, but this is only temporary. A way to control this is to ask yourself, “am I eating because I feel bored, sad or stressed, or is it hunger?” A great way to stay on track through this period, whether trying to maintain/lose weight or simply keep motivation is through being part of an online group, this group! It should be noted that even though some people eat extra when stressed, some also have trouble eating anything at all. In some people events such as this can cause an elevated physiological state in your body and slow digestion, drinking plenty of water can help this. It is just as important that we continue to eat food to keep our energy and immune system strong through this period as it is to not stress eat. Choosing the right foods during this period is a good start, albeit foods aren’t all readily available. Wise choices are the things you’ve heard plenty before, start with fresh and colourful foods (meats, vegetables and fruits). In the event you can’t find these, frozen food is next best as these are generally snap frozen and as close to the original state as possible. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains and adequate protein can help maintain our immune system. As hard as it is, limiting your alcohol is a wise idea. When going shopping there is no need to hoard, food will be available. However in saying that, it’s a good idea to have enough food at home to reduce the number of times you have to go shopping so you can ensure adequate social distancing. On top of this we need to ensure we maintain our activity, this includes encouraging people to get outdoors where possible (backyard even) and do some exercise, walking included. At this stage walking outdoors is permitted. The risk in this current climate is that we might see lots of people taking this as an opportunity to sit and watch television all day, but not the RealFITT crew! It’s extremely important that anyone self-isolating or housebound continues to be active as not only will this help keep us healthy but also minimise any ill effects from the Coronavirus. This includes our family and friends.


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