There are many different training programs and methodologies out there and it can be a maze figuring out what suits you best.

Our staff have spent many years studying and implementing different training methods designed to suit strength, power, aerobic, and anaerobic goals.

Everyone is different and comes with their own needs and wants. As such our programs are tailor made to your specific requirements. 

Our staff are available to assist you in your training goals at various times during the week. Make sure you check out our time table below! 

Program Design

RealFITT prides itself on offering top quality programming to ensure our members achieve success no matter what their goals. 

We implement our training programs in cycles and offer the guidance and support of our staff at all times when you are in the facility. 

Personal Training

We have spent much time on developing and evolving our Personal Training systems to ensure that we are delivering a product that our clientele value highly. Working one-on-one or two on one with a Personal Trainer means that you have someone to not only hold you accountable and push you when you need it, but to be there to ensure that your form and technique is constantly improving.

We understand that each person is motivated differently and so we work with you to understand just what and how this is. Motivating you effectively goes a long way to helping you achieve goals safely and efficiently.

Small Group Training

A fun, supportive and cost effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Small Group Training allows you to get the benefits of a Personal Trainer whilst enjoying a group dynamic. Get a group of 2-4 people together and work with our experienced coaches. 


RealFITT has an innovative and exciting class timetable. The difference with our exercise timetable is it’s based around the basic foundation principles of strength and conditioning.


All classes are adaptable to you regardless of your fitness level or ability, we aim to create a team environment where you are all working towards you goals while having a little fun along the way!

Online Programming

If you live outside of the ACT or have a very busy lifestyle and struggle to make it to the other side of town we have a very effective remote training system.

Once the ground work is complete, you will work with your coach via verbal and electronic mediums on a weekly basis reviewing form and technique, progress, motivation, cheers and challenges.

You will have access to online movement demonstrations and explanations of the exercises that have been prescribed in your training program. Each week you will have a progress review with your coach where you can discuss form and technique challenges, what’s working well, and what may need some adjustment.

Movement Screening

Movement Screening is a comprehensive movement assessment our coaches can perform in order to better understand how your body works.

The screening takes a maximum of 30 minutes and will give you a good idea of what works well in your body and what doesn't work so well. From that we can then prescribe movements, movement patterns, and exercises to address areas that are not doing their job. 


We will assess areas such as your core, your shoulders, your back, and your hips and from that we can then use the information we find to make more informed decisions about your programming and what exercises will yield the best outcomes for you.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching is the latest service to be offered here at RealFITT Strength and Conditioning. Jason Williams is our nutrition coach


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