Nyrie Atkin

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1. Tell us a little about yourself:


I am originally from Melbourne but have been living in Canberra with my partner for a few years. I enjoy hiking, mountain bike riding, yoga, snowboarding and travelling. Happy at the beach or camping in the mountains, I’m at my best when I am outdoors. My first sports were gymnastics and athletics before moving onto netball, touch and AFL


2. What attracted you to the fitness industry:


After travelling extensively, I started my first degree. Always involved in sport in some way, I quickly fell in love learning about the body and movement. I found a passion in coaching where my love of learning and meeting new people could come together. I enjoy being part of a team and assisting someone on their journey to success. Sport also tends to bring together a collective of driven and determined individuals, which is both inspiring and highly motivating.


3. What are you interests in the industry


I have had the privilege of working with elite athletes as well as school kids, and along the way I have found that I most enjoy working with athletes post injury. Rehabilitation is such an interesting time in someone’s career and I find it challenging, diverse and very rewarding. My interest in the return to play process is what has motivated me to study Physiotherapy. I also enjoy coaching Olympic lifting, cross training, running mechanics and agility drills.


4. How can you help people achieve their goals


I believe that everyone has a different story, different needs and should be treated that way.

I also believe that a solid foundation of movement competency is the best way to be the best version of yourself.


5. Qualifications/Achievements


  • Currently completing Masters Physiotherapy at UC

  • Bachelor Sport & Exercise Science at CSU

  • ASCA Pro Scheme Level 2 Coach                          

  • AWF Level 1 Weightlifting course 2015


Unit 5, 66 Heffernan Street

Mitchell ACT 2911


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