Kim Stevenson

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I have been in the fitness industry for over 11 years, specialising in training the female body and mind. 

My training philosophy consists of 3 Pillars to an athlete's Success: Training, nutrition and most important, yet least considered: the mind. This flawless holistic system not only creates physical change in my clients but forms new sustainable habits around food, training and lifestyle.

Your journey as my client is my core focus. using tools from all areas of my own experience and extensive knowledge in weight loss, figure competitions, mental and physical strength, life coaching as well as all encompassing health and well being. It is my mission to inspire and facilitate change in any one of my clients- no matter their goals. What matters is not my achievements- but your success! And my knowledge, education, and drive will get you there.

Currently I am the holder of multiple Australian, Commonwealth and Oceania records with my background in competitive body building and power lifting.



Unit 5, 66 Heffernan Street

Mitchell ACT 2911


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