Joe Matthews

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1. Tell us a little about yourself? 


Kaleb, Kai, and Jack are my 3 sons and I'm a proud father! I'm also a proud husband to Kristie. Born and bred in Bathurst, NSW I moved to Canberra in the mid 90's and now call it home. Fishing, Camping, and motorbike riding are 3 outdoors activities/hobbies that Kristie, the boys, and I love. We thoroughly enjoy being spectators at Kaleb's weekend soccer games and going to the skate park whenever we can to watch the boys carve it up on the scooter's, skateboards, and bikes. We enjoy getting out and about on hikes up mountains with the boys, going for rides, and family walks whenever we can. In our free time you'll most likely find us doing any of these things with family and friends. 



2. What attracted you to the fitness industry? 


When I first started working in the Fitness Industry my parents asked me if that was an actual industry? Haha I assured them that is was a relatively new one and that it would grow. Here I am almost 14 years later still doing it. I love working with people and I love being active so naturally I would gravitate towards this line of work. Having been a competitive athlete for most of my sporting career I have a passion for this field and I like to share that passion with the people I coach and train. 


3. What are your particular interests in the industry? 


I definitely enjoy the different levels and facets to the strength & conditioning game. So much goes into developing a strength athlete and that is something that interests me. Equally interesting is working with people who are training for life, self improvement, and general health. The common denominators between people who find success in their respective journeys is attitude, consistency, and who they choose to surround themselves with. I work with athletes in many different sports and I work with people just training for the love of it, the biggest kick for me is seeing them experience success and happiness as a result of the effort that they put in through their training. 


4. How can you help people achieve their goals? 


Maybe sharing some true talk will help on this one....There are so many quick fixes for health and fitness out there, many of which are not long lasting. The REAL secret to long lasting results and life changing improvements are the most important ingredients, your attitude, strength training and consistently turning up. Sounds simple, its often an accumulation of the simplest things done on a regular basis that in turn create BIG successes. 


Helping you turn up and do quality work consistently is something that I'm confident I can assist you with. You have to decide to do it and own the process - from here the journey towards your goals will be challenging and fun!



5. Qualifications/Achievements



  • Teacher (Fitness Education CIII/CIV in Fitness) for the Australian Institute of Fitness - 9 years

  • Teacher/Lecturer Canberra Institute of Technology (C.I.T Bruce Campus) CIII/CIV In Fitness - 2 years

  • National Strength & Conditioning Coach Philippine Volcanoes Rugby (PRFU)15's, Rugby 7's programs - 4 years

  • Fitness Industry business owner - 9 years

  • Coach and Mentor to the people that I work with and train


  • Played in the Rugby Sevens World Cup 2013. Moscow, Russia

  • Played in the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tournament (HSBC World Series), 2012

  • Played in the HSBC Asian Sevens Series - 3 years

  • Played Australian U16's and Schoolboys Rugby Union


Unit 5, 66 Heffernan Street

Mitchell ACT 2911


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