Jason Williams

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With a bachelor degree in human nutrition and studying various aspects of this field for over 10 years, Jason has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and applying this to life and sport.

An avid sports lover who’s played soccer for over 25 years, at a high level at various stages, he’s also competed in various weight/performance based sports such as bodybuilding (junior NSW champion) and powerlifting within the former IPF, Jason comes with a thorough understanding of how to apply his practice to a range of sporting and life scenarios.

He’s helped people in all sports including getting onstage, weight based sporting scenarios and general life, and has a passion when it comes to helping someone achieve their goal, through teaching them and allowing them to benefit of their increased fundamental understanding in nutrition and how to apply this.


Unit 5, 66 Heffernan Street

Mitchell ACT 2911


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