Abeer Orabi

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born and raised in Western Sydney, and my cultural background is Palestinian. My husband and I moved to Canberra 3 years ago and we love it here, despite me still not acclimatising to the winters. When I’m not lifting heavy things at the gym, I love to cook (and eat all the things), love a good hike, camping, and the beach. 



What attracted you to the fitness industry

I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Health Science and worked in the Professional Services for 6 years, most recently in Project Management. I completed my Cert III & IV in fitness because the fitness world and training confused me. I also had sessions with PT’s that didn’t quite click with me either, so I wanted to learn how to program and train myself independently.

I finished my certs in 2017, and while I always admired the idea of working in fitness industry and was obsessed with training myself, I never saw it as a logical career pathway.

I ended up coaching clients a few hours a week alongside my day job. One thing led to another, and I resigned from my career in the corporate sector. It has been one of the scariest, and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made.


What are your particular interests in the industry

All encompassing, my interests lie in coaching and training the everyday person to empower and better their quality of life, physical and mental alike. Equally interesting is coaching those who use their training towards improving performance in competitive sports. Both require a level of discipline, commitment, and execution through hard work.



How can you help people achieve their goals

I strongly believe everyone deserves to feel empowered and accomplished through their training.  Whilst it isn’t always apparent from the beginning, training is far more than the physical feats of strength; it’s a testament to the discipline and character building that training demands from a person.


I find a deep enjoyment in working alongside my clients on their individual journeys. I think my coaching allows me to see the potential in people that they find difficult to identify in themselves, and to be able to push them that little bit more, learn that new skill or do something they never saw themselves capable of doing. Their wins are my wins.




  1. B. Health Science & Health Promotion

  2. Cert IV in Fitness

  3. ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach


How to get in touch 

Email: abeer@realfitt.com.au 

Insta: @abeeythept


Unit 5, 66 Heffernan Street

Mitchell ACT 2911


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